"Every day, OWCP touches the lives of thousands of injured and ill workers and their families, by providing or overseeing the delivery of workers’ compensation and benefits from offices across the country."
-Gary A. Steinberg, Deputy Director, OWCP, 2017 Report to Congress
Project Summary
Role: Lead UX Architect
Client: US Department of Labor
From 2009-2013, I helped conceive and design a connected suite of applications to enable the US Department of Labor provide better support for injured workers.
ECOMP (Employees’ Compensation Management Portal) is a self service form-submittal for employees, comprehensive oversight for managers, and sophisticated administration at state/regional/national levels. By eliminating paperwork and speeding administration of care, ECOMP was successful in helping DOL meet its mission while saving tens of millions $US in claims management costs annually. (OWCP Annual Report to the Congress, FY 2013, 2014 and 2015)
ECOMP received a presidential mention in DOL / OWCP report, and has since been adopted as a model for several other federal initiatives.
My responsibilities:
- Create Product Vision 
- Worked with business analysts and developers 
- Conceive and design applications, screens and components
- Initial UX implementation (Front-End coding in Flex)
- Architect, wireframe and prototype over 100 screens
- Ultimate usability for ECOMP suite

Information Architecture
System diagrams summarizing national administration and complex workflows in ECOMP

Successful Deployment of ECOMP
ECOMP successfully deployed in 2010 and continues to serve the cases of millions of US government workers.
Successful Extension in 2013
ECOMP / Disability Management Portal, an application extending the ECOMP platform successfully deployed in 2013. ECOMP is publicly accessible at https://www.ecomp.dol.gov/
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