From 2014-15, I helped a social-video startup team create Selfeo, a customized, multi-screen viewing environment which enables anyone to immerse themselves into live internet video on an iOS or Android device. Starting from rough concept sketches, I architected the screens, specified interactions and created working prototypes to refine application features while speeding development.
Selfeo was a team effort, proceeding at a breakneck pace: I was responsible for everything shown here except final visual comps.
Rapid prototyping speeds development while improving usability. For Selfeo, I created several low-resolution prototypes to convey concepts and find design improvements. Working in startup mode, the development team was able to use working prototypes as rough-and-ready specifications, so implementation could proceed quickly and collaboratively.
Great ideas start with a sketch. Selfeo began with the goal of easily embedding selfie-videos on mobile devices. This early sketch was used to align on the concept. Working with several designers within a startup team, sketches like these enabled early, concurrent development alongside detailed iterative design. 
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